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1 Welcome!

Welcome to the developer's guidebook for the BYUI Introductory Statistics Wiki! Within the following links you can find almost everything you need to know about how this wiki is designed, how to add new content, how to use the MediaWiki syntax, and how to style the wiki. This Guidebook has been divided by topic into sections that contain a general description and advanced user instructions to help you maintain and improve this wiki.

2 Overview of a wiki

A wiki is a type of website designed for collaborative design and flexible content delivery. Wikis use simple-to-learn software that enables users and developers to add, edit, and redesign content easily. The BYUI Introductory Statistics Wiki is an ongoing project designed to improve the learning of Introductory Statistics students by combining textual, audio, and visual teaching tools. Use the links below to explore the basics of wiki use.

3 Our wiki

The following links contain information specific to our wiki, including display customization based on the student's course section, pages that need to be regularly updated for new semesters, various display modes for information on pages, and specialized advanced templates that keep our wiki running.

4 Advanced developer controls

This content will help you understand the more in-depth programming available to further customize and format this wiki. These topics include information on more standard web programming languages that are used mainly to style the wiki and provide unique functionality, such as displaying custom content to students based on which section of the course they are enrolled.


6 Brainhoney

7 Other helps