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The Normal Probability Applet is a visualization program offering statistics students insights and computations for the relationship between $z$-scores and areas under the standard normal curve. You can find a link to this applet on the Main Page of the wiki under Course Resources. This app is also compatible to use on your phone, iPad, and other mobile devices. The app is stored at If you want a copy you can open from your desktop, just right click the link and save it to your computer.

To use this applet follow these instructions:

  • Click on an area below the curved line to shade/unshade the region.
  • Click and drag the red lines to adjust the $z$-scores and obtain the area.
  • Type a $z$-score into one of the bottom input boxes and hit "Enter" to get an area.
  • Type in an area and hit "Enter" to get a $z$-score.