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$\bar x$ - sample mean
$\mu$ - population mean
$\sigma$ - population standard deviation
$s$ - sample standard deviation
$\alpha$ - level of significance
$z$ - $z$-score test statistic (used when sigma is known)
$t$ - t test statistic (used when sigma is unknown)
$f$ - f test statistic (used in an ANOVA hypothesis test)
$H_0$ - null hypothesis
$H_a$ - alternative hypothesis
$n$ - sample size
$m$ - margin of error
$\sigma^2$ - population variance
$s^2$ - sample variance
$P(x)$ - probability that an event will occur.
$\hat p$ - sample proportion (traditional estimator of $p$)
$p$ - population proportion
$\tilde p$ - the "plus four" estimator of $p$
$p^*$ - a prior estimate of $p$
$\chi^2$ - Chi-squared test statistic used in a test of independence for categorical data
$df$ - degrees of freedom
$r$ - correlation coefficient
$b_0$ - y-intercept
$b_1$ - slope of a line
$\hat Y$ - predicted value for $Y$
$\beta_0$ - true but unknown population y-intercept
$\beta_1$ - true but unknown population slope
$\epsilon$ - error term