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This template is used to filter the calendar a student sees based on whether they are in a traditional classroom setting or an online class. This is determined by the drop-down selections at the top of the page. This filter is to be included only on the Schedule:Current_Semester page. The calendars themselves are on pages organized by semester and year at the page Schedule:Semester_Year for classroom and Schedule:Semester_Year_Online for online students. For example, the Fall 2013 semester calendars can be found at Schedule:Fall_2013 and Schedule:Fall_2013_Online. Each new semester will require new calendars for both classroom and online and should be put on pages whose names reflect the current semester and year.

This template includes two named parameters, {{{Semester}}} and {{{Year}}}. In order to include this template on the Schedule:Current_Semester, merely add {{Schedule_Filter|Semester=Fall Winter or Spring|Year=current year}}. For example, to include the Fall 2013 calendars, you would place this code in Schedule:Current_Semester:


Please note also that the page Template:Schedule_Link should be updated every semester as well.