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Excel Instructions
{{:Software:Excel-{{{PageName}}} }}

Using the Software Filter Template
This template is used on almost every page of the wiki and contains the software instructions for Excel and SPSS. This template utilizes display customization to show only the instructions for a relevant course. Use of this template is very simple.
There is only one named parameter that needs to be passed for this template. The parameter is {{{PageName}}} and refers to the name of the pages that the Excel and SPSS content is kept on. This page name can be found by going to the URL of the content you want. A full list of these can be found by selecting the link Special pages from the sidebar and selecting the All pages link. Type "Software" into the "Display pages starting at:" box and click Go.
The URL's of the same instructions for Excel and SPSS are identical except for the "Excel" or "SPSS" designation. The part of the page name we are interested in for use in this parameter is the text following the "Excel-" (or "SPSS-"). For example, for this URL:
We are interested in the part after "SPSS-", which is "BarCharts". If we want to include these instructions in a normal page of the wiki, we would use the template and pass the one named parameter. Our code should look like this:
And will show:

Excel Instructions
To make a bar chart in Excel:
  • Highlight the categorical column and the count column.
  • Click on the Insert tab and then click on column tab.
  • Again, please choose the simple 2D column chart.

Your bar chart will look like this:

Try changing the course at the top of the page. The content inside the blue box changes!