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These optional videos discuss the contents of this lesson.


Using the YouTubeLesson Template

This template is used on pages to display YouTube video content. In order for the videos to be displayed correctly, certain parameters must be defined.

Each time this template is included in a page the "url" parameter must be defined. The parameter is url=Embed url here. This embed url is found on the YouTube page by going to the video or playlist you want to include, selecting "Share" and then "Embed." A code will be displayed which you can copy and paste as the "url" parameter. Please note that you will only include the url given in the code, not the entire code which YouTube gives you.

For example, if you want to display the video for lesson 12 on One Mean, Sigma Unknown using this template, you would add this code to the page: {{YouTubeLesson|url=http://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PLaZryQtbPQC-eXvWi8id9S0NiKSyGYr6j}}.

The above code will show this on the page:

These optional videos discuss the contents of this lesson.


If you want to include a preformatted note, you can add the parameter Note=NOTE NAME HERE. Currently the only preformatted note is the note found at {{SPSS Note}}. The text displayed is:

The 3rd video contains instructions on how to use SPSS to perform the calculations discussed in this lesson.

To add this note to the page, define the parameter as Note=SPSS. By default, the ordinal number displayed is "3rd". This can be changed when including the SPSS Note by defining the parameter Video=VIDEO NUMBER HERE. If you wish to display the note indicating the 4th video, include the parameter Video=4th. So, if you want to include the video for lesson 12 and indicate that the 4th video contains SPSS instructions, you would add this code to the page: {{YouTubeLesson|url=http://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PLaZryQtbPQC-eXvWi8id9S0NiKSyGYr6j|Name=SPSS|Number=4th}}.

Final note: This template includes the TOC (Table of Contents) that displays on each page.